The secret in the orchard

//The secret in the orchard
  • il segreto del verziere di federico carro il suo primo romanzo

The secret in the orchard

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“The song and later the album “Come un lampo” were

conceived following a childhood…


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“The song and later the album “Come un lampo” were

conceived following a childhood friend’s accident that would

change his life. The singer-songwriter Federico Carro managed

to set aside some money by working for his uncle, manager of a

bar-restaurant in Vernazza, enabling him to take private piano

and singing lessons, and finally to compose his solo album,

dedicated to his friend who died so prematurely.”

“What happens when over many years nature suffers reprisals

from man without finding the strength to react? Nature and its

surrounding wonders is a living being just like us and all the

other creatures that encompass it. Long ago, in a wonderful

kingdom of flourishing beauty, there lived a king named

Lenoire. One day he was granted one of the greatest gifts that

man can ever receive and, instead of accepting this gift, he

turned it down, sealing it in the darkest depths of the forest,

away from all living beings. Not long after this the king fell ill,

leading to the gradual decline, not only of his health, but also

his kingdom. After his sad demise his son Lejacke ascended to

the throne, but a futile bet of pride with his sister Miriam meant

he remained a prince, reneging on the various responsibilities

of a real king. Despite everything, attempts to restore the

kingdom to its former glory were in vain. Exhausted by hunger,

poverty and the madness that now controlled the minds of the

people, the prince could do nothing about the chaos that had

been created over time. One day a mysterious individual

appeared before the Prince, they spoke in private and shortly

thereafter a treaty was sanctioned. After this meeting Lejacke

abandoned the throne; the chaos and disorder disappeared into

thin air along with the mysterious individual and the Prince.

Over the years the monarchy fell apart, as the kingdom became

a small self-governed lido. One day the secret pact was broken,

unleashing a chain of events that shook the population’s

destiny. Problems of everyday life entwine with subtle emotions

and the dark past, hidden until now, resurfaces. Here the reader

will reflect on the various vicissitudes of the characters who,

after numerous assorted events, will lead the people of the lido

to affront a common problem. Now, what is the essence of this

solemn pact between the Prince and the mysterious individual,

which had the power to change the people’s destiny? What is

that caused everything to erupt? What then is hidden in the



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