Product Description

What happens when for many long years nature is submitted to the attacks of humankind
without finding the strength to react? Nature with its surrounding wonders is a living entity, like
we humans and all the creatures around us. Long ago in a wondrous kingdom of flourishing
beauty lived a king named Lenoire. One day he was granted one of the greatest gifts a man can
ever receive, and instead of accepting this gift he refused it, sealing it up in the darkest depths
of the wood far from any living being.
Soon after this act the king fell ill, and both his health and his kingdom began a gradual decline.
After his death his son Lejacke ascended to the throne, but because of a trivial conflict of pride
with his sister Miriam he remained a prince, repudiating various responsibilities connected to
true kingship. But despite everything his attempts to restore the kingdom to its former splendour
were in vain. It was wracked by famine, poverty and the madness which now governed people’s
minds. The prince could do nothing in the face of the chaos which had set in.
One day a mysterious man appeared before the prince, and after a private audience a pact was
soon established. After this meeting, Lejacke abandoned the throne. The chaos and disorder,
as well as the mysterious individual and the prince, all disappeared into nothingness. Over the
years the monarchy fell apart and the kingdom became a village governed by pure fate. One
day that secret pact was broken, setting off a chain of events which revolutionised people’s
Everyday problems are intertwined with subtle emotions, revealing the obscure past which has
been hidden up to now. Readers will see themselves mirrored in the various vicissitudes of
characters which, after a series of events, will lead the people of the village to face a common
problem together. So what exactly was this solemn pact between the prince and mysterious
individual which has had the power to change people’s destinies? What has triggered all this
off? What is hidden in the orchard?