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Federico Carro is an Italian author known for creating a series of fantasy novels titled, The King of Light, and its spin-off, The Knight of Light. His fantasy work has had several editions in English and has won several awards in the literary and cinematographic fields through numerous Italian and foreign film festivals and competitions.


Hi! I am Federico carro: author, screenwriter, youtuber and blogger.

I have written and composed three music albums, I have written several books about a great fantasy saga entitled: “The king of light” I have won several film festivals and literary competitions around the world! Here you can find my Empire! I hope you enjoy!

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My literary works


The main trilogy of my fantasy saga

The main or initial trilogy consists of three novels narrating the adventures of the crusader Fedrick.


First spin-off trilogy of the saga

The first spin-off trilogy tells of five knights friends of the protagonist Fedrick.


Second spin-off trilogy of the saga

The second spin-off trilogy tells of Fedrick’s brother and the two major antagonists of the entire saga.


The final duology of my fantasy saga

The final duology chronicles the final deeds of Fedrick and all the other protagonists of the final scene.


The other books connected to the world of The King of Light.

Other books that better tell certain situations of certain characters, thus expanding the plot and the general knowledge of the main plot of the saga.


All my poems collected in poetry collection books

All my poems that follow a logic that belongs in every book to better expose certain issues.

My cinematic works

My second screenplay

The Secret of the Orchard is the second English screenplay taken from Federico Carro ‘s first novel. The screenplay narrates in a cinematic way the adventures of Corcelsio and Virtuoso within an island but more properly a village surrounded by a particular being that will change the destiny of all the people intertwined with each other in different aspects and very specific situations.

My first screenplay

The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods is the first English script based on the second novel by Federico Carro, it is the author’s first cinematographic work. The screenplay narrates in a cinematic key the first volume of the fantasy trilogy called: “The King of Light” which tells the story of Fedrick, a crusader who is catapulted into a parallel world from his original world.

My music albums

My first music album

Come un lampo is the first album by the artist Federico Carro. Originally born as a poem, the text was placed within the first song, arranged and composed around the text to try to emphasize the words the author wanted to express. The project was born from Federico’s need to pay homage to his disappeared friend, trying to make the feelings of loss, but also nostalgic for it, remain within the song. The single was made in a recording studio called: “Nautilus Rec Studio”, together with the sound engineer: “Giuseppe D’Aleo”, “Luca Giampietri” and the graphic designer and illustrator: “Gabriele D’Aleo”.

My second music album

Starlight is the second album by the artist Federico Carro. The album was born from the direct and indirect experiences of the artist, thus telling of feelings of love, but also of hate, of abstract and concrete sensations, emphasizing his favorite musical genre, namely Pop, with environmental effects and very special Synths. Thus creating a somewhat courtly and refined music, maintaining the poetic vein of the first album, even if it is more marketable and with a less refined vocabulary than his first musical work.

My third music album

The King of Light is the third album made by Federico Carro. The album is a collection of instrumental music, taken from the author’s first compositions. The works are made with the piano and with environmental effects and synthesizers, in the form of an epic music, sometimes melancholy, suitable to underline the adventures of Federico’s novels. The project born from Federico’s need to enhance his subsequent literary works through this album, thus creating videos to advertise them. The album was made in a recording studio called: “Nautilus Rec Studio”, together with the sound engineer: “Giuseppe D’Aleo”, and the musician “Luca Giampietri”.

Other projects

My first blog and second YouTube channel

Fedrick Fantasy Kingdom is a YouTube channel conceived and created by Federico Carro. The channel focuses on all themes of pure conception and fantasy, dealing with comparisons, origins, curiosities, or contrasts of cinematographic works, cartoons, Manga, Anime and literary works. The channel deals with all the themes of pure imagination, any work that has a background of fantasy but also real and historical themes, always in comparison with the world of fantasy.

My second blog

The Gamer Novelist is a project that tries to enclose all the literary works and videogames of all kinds through a blog. Created by Federico Carro, the site analyzes video games on every platform and books of all kinds with reviews, also including cinematographic works within it.


The encyclopedic pages on Vernazza most complete in the world

The project arises from the need to protect the historical, cultural, geographical and social side of Vernazza, my hometown. The pages are always expanding and one day I want to make the rest of the Cinque Terre to preserve these fantastic Italian villages as much as possible.

My cinematic works on IMDb

In 2023, the author managed to land on the IMDb website, the most important film database in the world. Federico thus inserts his person on the site as well as his script in English: “The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods” and “The Secret of the Orchard”.


All my film, literature and music awards


Some images taken from my artist journey!

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An image of Frederick A. Chariot by Federico Carro

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