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Come un lampo is the first album by the artist Federico Carro. Originally born as a poem, the text was placed within the first song, arranged and composed around the text to try to emphasize the words the author wanted to express. The project was born from Federico’s need to pay homage to her disappeared friend, trying to make the feelings of loss, but also nostalgic for it, remain within the song.

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Background and production

Initially Come un lampo was supposed to be a poem and a simple tribute, but after various studies the author decided to turn it into a song and later into a music album. The album is connected by various feelings such as love, but also hatred and perdition. Songs that can give a sense of melancholy but also of union, some songs that can be danced, others simply poetic that tell different moods.

The album is composed of Pop music, mixed with environmental effects with R’n’B and Jazz features, while the lyrics of the songs have a fairly refined language, with poetic and sometimes epic overtones. The song like the album recalls certain nuances drawn by that girl and the friendly relationship with the author of when they were children. Furthermore, this project also alludes to a sense of perennial memory within the song, also present within the author’s heart.

Track listing

  • Brucerei il fuoco per te
  • Lovely Storm
  • Fronda di rugiada
  • People’s hearts
  • Come un lampo
  • Replace my soul
  • Influenza angelica
  • Languido rimorso
  • Thank you for your time

Come un Lampo music video


Some images taken from some music videos of the album

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