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Fedrick Fantasy Kingdom is a YouTube channel conceived and created by Federico Carro. The channel focuses on all themes of pure conception and fantasy, dealing with comparisons, origins, curiosities, or contrasts of cinematographic works, cartoons, Manga, Anime and literary works. The channel deals with all the themes of pure imagination, any work that has a background of fantasy but also real and historical themes, always in comparison with the world of fantasy.


Fedrick Fantasy Kingdom is born from the need to create a single fantasy kingdom that can contain all its worlds within it. Federico Carro’s greatest project is called: “The king of light”, a Fantasy saga that tells the stories of Fedrick, a crusader sent to another parallel world by a powerful force of evil, to whom he tries to find his love lost, he embarks on a long journey that will take him out of the planet, the galaxies and the universe itself.

A very particular and extraordinary adventure at the same time, between ever new and never monotonous worlds, movement and dynamics are the basis of the project, since Fedrick himself never stops, like his friends who support him, namely: Jehrais and Radamantio. They venture into the parallel world into which Fedrick is thrown, both headed to defeat the order of dark gods who rule the world with their evil.

This dark order created an evil triangle, placing itself at the tip of the pyramid as the evil masters of the world. It will be up to Fedrick, Jehrais and Radamantio through their adventures to try to make the best of things in the world and in the universe, where within the events there will be multiple allies who will join their ideal, but like other enemies who will hinder the their way to the light. This project takes up the YouTube channel in question, trying to talk about any fantasy theme and pure imagination, where all the imagination is placed within the author’s world. Federico Carro publishes as a YouTube content creator every week, punctually on Wednesdays.


Some images taken from Fedrick Fantasy Kingdom videos

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