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Starlight album was born from the author’s need to express certain experiences he has faced in life, translating his feelings into his music. The Starlight album is a mix of Pop songs with a bit of R’n’B, much more rhythmic and commercial than Come un lampo.

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Background and production

Starlight represents the various shades of love, hate, repression, or certain emotions not arisen by the author on certain stories he lived with certain girls. The album is highlighted with more modern and commercial sounds than Come un Lampo, where the text becomes more fluid and simple. The songs within it are presented as a single story that progresses from song to song.

Starting from a sense of pain and loss of a girl with: “Looking for Pain”, he denies the girl in question with: “She’s not my lover”, finding the strength to face a new story through: “Starlight”. This is how he lives his love story with “Fahrenheit”, while: “Rising Flame” has the meaning of the rush, the fact that the relationship goes too fast like the time they spend together.

“Silent Moon” represents the last night together with that determined girl, who however gives a sense of loneliness knowing that she will leave soon, finally the album concludes its journey with: “Memories”, where in the end the memories of that story live love now remained only in the past.

Track listing

  • Looking for pain
  • She’s not my lover
  • Starlight
  • Fahrenheit
  • Rising Flame
  • Silent moon
  • Memories

Starlight music video


Some images taken from some music videos of the album

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