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Vernazza Fandom Wiki arises from the need to protect the historical, cultural, geographical and social side of Vernazza, my hometown. The pages are always expanding and one day I want to make the rest of the Cinque Terre to preserve these fantastic Italian villages as much as possible.


The project was born from Federico’s desire to make all the works, people, historical and social culture of Vernazza remain in history.

After the countless disappearances of people who knew the author, Federico decided to collect all possible material to create the largest encyclopedia on Vernazza in the world. Inside he has left many testimonies of works, authors, songwriters, people, places, dialectism and much more focused on his native country.

The project is always in continuous movement, as some people increasingly adhere to the propagation of the project and the author hopes to slowly realize the rest of the Cinque Terre, thus collecting all the possible material that does not yet exist on the internet, but which only exists in paper version or which is transmitted orally by local people.


Some pictures of Vernazza

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An image of Frederick A. Chariot by Federico Carro

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