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An artwork of Leviathan Army taken from the fantasy saga the King of Light An image of Frederick A. Chariot by Federico Carro

The King of Light


The King of Light is the third album made by Federico Carro. The album is a collection of instrumental music, taken from the author’s first compositions. The works are made with the piano and with environmental effects and synthesizers, in the form of an epic music, sometimes melancholy, suitable to underline the adventures of Federico’s novels. The project born from Federico’s need to enhance his subsequent literary works through this album, thus creating videos to advertise them. The album was made in a recording studio called: “Nautilus Rec Studio”, together with the sound engineer: “Giuseppe D’Aleo”, and the musician “Luca Giampietri”.

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Background and production

The author’s first musical works date back to 2015 when during his musical studies focused on the piano, arrangement and singing, he began to compose his first musical works. Later those same works were completed by Federico and included in his third album.

This project contains Federico’s first and last compositional works, musical works without words that however contain within themselves considerable musical and compositional efforts. These works were used by the author for the purpose of advertising his trilogy. In fact Federico has made several videos by inserting these compositions, thus exploiting his works for advertising purposes for his literary works.

Track listing

  • Parallel storm
  • Another future
  • Desert alone
  • Sweet memories
  • Angelic influence
  • The secret of the sky
  • Walking in the moon
  • The King of Light

The King of Light video


Some images taken from The King of Light saga

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