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Scintille di Vita la Forza della Natura is the first poetic collection by the author Federico Carro. Inside the work there are 100 poems and other works of thought composed by the author. The recurring theme of the manuscript focuses on the concept of nature and the evolution of time of every living being. Available on amazon and many other digital stores!

Scintille di Vita la Forza della Natura is a collection of poems created by Federico by grouping all the poems made over the years. His first poem is titled: “Sussulto di vita” born simply as an inspiration observing the sea of ​​Vernazza.

The author discovered in a simple and vital way that he had a gift, that is to write and compose his own poems which he then put together, thus generating a poetic logic among all the poems. From that sum of poems that originally were simply inspired by the radiant nature of Vernazza, the author has thus built a book, a collection of poems that speaks precisely of nature, from its genesis to how it can end and regenerate itself, within a perennial cycle.

Are highly sought after and also ancient words that no longer exist in the current Italian language. The physiognomy of the poems is simple and short, which must be read without breath. However, these poems allude to many meanings, have a lot of symbology and must be interpreted according to the imagination.

Scintille di Vita la Forza della Natura was born as a primary work of bringing together all the poems written by the author. This poetic collection contains a journey into which poems are divided, a journey from the beginning of time to a distant or perhaps even near future. The book is divided into three chapters to better explain the story made up entirely of 100 poems, a story therefore full of meanings, allegories and a lot of symbolism.

The collection is divided into 3 major chapters:
Chapter I The genesis of the creature
  • Scintilla vitale
  • L’orma del tempo
  • La materia in loco
  • Il passo dell’eco
  • Il terremoto
  • Terra emersa
  • Isole perenni
  • Arcipelaghi immani
  • Vulcani sommersi
  • Sussulto di vita
  • L’aria sinuosa
  • Il vento maestro
  • Il sol levante
  • Calor lucente
  • Gravità vigente
  • Fronda di luce
  • Nuvole scarlatte
  • L’albore della valle
  • Pianure eteree
  • Montagne di ghiaccio
  • Fior leggeri
  • Goccia leziosa
  • Il mar d’inverno
  • L’arcobaleno
  • Verdeggiante pudor
  • Florida quercia
  • Lo straripar delle foglie
  • Minerali fusi
  • Esseri di natura
  • Il canto dell’Eden
  • Il primeggio in terra
  • Solstizio subacqueo
  • Il frutto del peccato
Chapter II The shadow of nature
  • Ascesa lunare
  • Il risveglio del pensiero
  • Solitudine riflessa
  • Lacrimosa anima
  • Effimeri sospiri
  • Ibrida curiosità
  • Bellezza dormiente
  • La mora nel rovo
  • Rosa nera
  • La gioia del respiro
  • Gloria nel vespro
  • L’ammirazione in cielo
  • Sorpresa vivente
  • Vita nascente
  • Soddisfazione dell’essere
  • Stella del destino
  • Bieca gelosia
  • Rabbia convulsa
  • Paura d’agir
  • Cattiveria reconda
  • Sussurro di torture
  • Tristezza riflessa
  • Aborro della vita
  • Distruzione del credo
  • Pensier struggente
  • Catastrofe dormiente
  • La forza della natura
  • Tifone ardente
  • Il tuono prorompente
  • Il fuoco perenne
  • Il rimbombar della burrasca
  • Acquazzone dolente
  • L’incendio del pensier
  • Il pianto della terra
Chapter III The infinite and his flowering
  • Stella novum
  • L’attimo fuggente
  • Il Leviatan reviviscente
  • L’ascesa del cielo
  • L’abissar del mar terrestre
  • Deliranti meteore
  • Pianeta lucente
  • La stella ardente
  • Gigante rossa
  • Nebulosa argentea
  • Nana bianca
  • La via lattea
  • Il gorgoglio del destino
  • La luce
  • Flussi di vita
  • L’universo
  • Il post universo
  • Zona in luce
  • Il regno dell’esistenza
  • L’angelo di luce
  • Un cor d’angelo
  • L’arcangelo del cielo
  • Spiriti della personalità
  • La potenza del Potestà
  • Le Virtù Fortezze
  • Maestro Dominazione
  • Troni custodi
  • Emozione del cherubino
  • Serafino splendente
  • Portatore di luce
  • L’ombra della luce
  • Il trono dell’eco
  • Il reame vuoto
  • Il re viene qui

The author creates a journey that begins from the birth of time until the rise of the one who created everything. The themes are therefore centered on nature, on time, but also on the various emotions of people which are therefore reflected on the decision of nature as the initiator of everything. Nature and time, however, are the judges of the preliminary actions created by man which can thus modify the destiny of every living being.


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