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The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods (Screenplay) is the first English script based on the second novel by Federico Carro know by his pen name Frederick A. Chariot, it is the author’s first cinematographic work. The screenplay narrates in a cinematic key the first volume of the fantasy trilogy called: “The King of Light” which tells the story of Fedrick, a crusader who is catapulted into a parallel world from his original world.

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This project is born from the author’s need to put his second novel in a film version. The screenplay is therefore a re-adaptation of the novel suitable to be played in a Fantasy film that tells the stories of Fedrick.

The beginning of the screenplay starts differently than the novel, and then reconnects to the novel when the crusader is inside the settlements, the night before the war that was about to look at dawn. Certain aspects of the script have been changed and certain parts cut.

For example, in the script the part in which Salazhar appears in the novel is not present in the script, as well as many parts present when Fedrick arrives in Gaza. This obviously is to keep the work within a certain duration of the hypothetical making of the film.

Differences with the book

This work differs in some features, especially on the name of Fedrick’s girl. Her name was changed by the author for personal reasons, in fact in this version the name of Eleonor is still present, later changed to Isabel.

Also, since the novel already featured a girl named Isabel, that is Flemgard’s girlfriend, her name was changed to Elizabeth. The beginning explores the issue between Fedrick and Isabel better, showing better how they presented themselves and the training, as well as the journey to the battle to Jerusalem.

Finally, many details have been eliminated from the book and some adventures have been simplified to make the most of the suitable and cinematic time of a possible film.


Some artwork taken from the novel

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