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The Secret of the Orchard



The Secret of the Orchard (Screenplay) is the second English screenplay taken from Federico Carro ‘s first novel. The screenplay narrates in a cinematic way the adventures of Corcelsio and Virtuoso within an island but more properly a village surrounded by a particular being that will change the destiny of all the people intertwined with each other in different aspects and very specific situations.

There is also the Italian version of the screenplay.



Federico’s second screenplay is made using the author’s first novel in a cinematic key, so called: “The Secret of the Orchard”. The script is emphasized with more action and adventure, where the author creates new connected events between people within the country.

Thus new mysteries are conceived which are solved, emphasizing certain aspects and characters that come out in the light of the sun. While the original book is put under a fairytale key, the screenplay makes the characters more concrete, revealing their true nature which is hidden in the book.

There are therefore new scenes never seen in the book, new characters and other settings hidden by the veil that the book carries. The book has many flashbacks of the various characters, the author interpreted this factor in the script, creating ten flashbacks, thus drawing inspiration from Boccaccio’s Decameron.

Differences with the book

The script adds several secondary adventures and explains certain plots better, also there are characters that are not present in the book, making the story better understood with an alternative ending completely different from the book.

The script presents itself with greater dynamics than the events concerning the plot, there are also fights between some characters, not present in the book.

There are other events mentioned in the novel but come to life in the screenplay, as well as there are more references to the central work of the author, namely: “the King of Light”.


Some artwork taken from the novel

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